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I am the oldest of five children. Tragically, at 5'9" I am also the least tall. 
When not reading or pretending to be Princess Leia, young me watched a lot of old movies, Perry Mason, and Masterpiece Theatre.


Places I have lived, sometimes more than once: Virginia. Georgia. Washington. South Dakota. New York. Wisconsin. Colorado. California. Florida. England. Spain. Kansas.

I have a B.A. in Literature from New College of Florida and an M.A. in Cinema Studies from NYU. After a series of odd jobs (au pair, horse-sitter, barista), I worked as a reporter for 10 years, writing about theater, music, and movies.

My husband is an archaeologist, which means everyone always thinks his job is cooler than mine. He is also French, which means no one ever asks what I think about the wine, and my last name is pronounced with a silent "t."

I have a daughter, a stepdaughter, and two goddaughters, each of whom is brilliant and amazing. (Nephews, I love you too.)

In the immortal words of my librarian mother, I spend way too much time thinking about my next meal.

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