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Belittled Women

In this companion novel to By the Book, teenage Jo reluctantly plays her literary namesake in her family's Little Women living history museum, alongside sisters Meg and Amy and a rotating cast of Beths. When she has a chance to break free of her fictional alter ego and the cheesy reenactor lifestyle, Jo runs into trouble that leads her to a new appreciation for Alcott's message about the importance of family...and the cute boy next door.

Coming Fall 2022 from HMH.



  1. Did you really write an entire book based on a random joke in your debut?


  2. Which one?

    During Mary’s catastrophic birthday dinner, we learn her cousins are LITTLE WOMEN reenactors. From page 260 of BY THE BOOK:
    “They’ve turned that novel into a tourist attraction.” Our mother quivered with righteous indignation. “Can you imagine?”
    “Er, no,” Arden said quickly, though I could tell she’d been doing just that.

  3. I’ve heard a rumor the working title was LITTLE B*TCHES?

  4. Do you redeem Amy?
    Can anyone redeem Amy?

  5. Is this a sequel to BY THE BOOK?
    No, though there are family ties. See the short story “Twelfth Night” for clues.

  6. Would you describe this as a retelling of LITTLE WOMEN?
    To the same degree as a Looney Tunes riff on opera.

  7. Does Beth die?
    Early and often.

  8. Will Jo end up with Laurie in this one?
    Depends on your definition of “Laurie.”